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Social Media Meets Online Gaming


Ready for something Real?


It’s the explosive home based business that everyone is talking about. Social Media meets online gaming, a phenomenal concept that is on fire. this company is the first to combine both into a online program that pays you massive income rewards, and its just the beginning. We are already setting industry records. The chance for you to make money and have fun is extraordinary and here is why.


Timing is Key!


If you can understand a trend or a change and position yourself in front of it, grow and expand with it you can become incredibly wealthy. Right now online profit sharing is booming in the home based business world. Lets talk about sustainability. It comes from having more customers than distributors. That is what creates sustainability, many companies have struggled under the profit sharing revenue model. We however will never run into that problem with this one of a kind company

 Infinity 2 Global asia

Welcome to Infinity 2 Global!

A long term worldwide online opportunity that can sustain itself because it will have more customers that distributors, happy customers. It’s real profit sharing I2g is involved in 2 huge online areas that are trending all over the world. People already do both of these every day but aren’t currently getting paid for it. First is social media, online communication and online marketing which is currently a 250 billion dollar industry. Think facebook, twitter YouTube. Social media is now a house hold name. I2g introduced “i2g Touch” it gets you involved in the social media space and you get paid to share it and it is at the very genesis of what it will become.


I2g Touch

i2g gives you the ability to have all of your social networks in once place. It also gives you your own channel where you can video chat, live broadcast as well as post unlimited videos, audios and images and that’s just the beginning . You also have the ability to communicate with the world instantaneously while being a part of our own social media community. You can begin earning income immediately.


 infinity 2 global Asia

I2g Casino

The second area is online gaming. that means an online casino with virtual games and live dealers and happy customers created everyday, no wonder the industry is growing. Last year online gaming did 45 billion dollars world wide and is projected to do 150 billion per year by 2015, tripling in the next 2 years. The industry is highly regulated and the best license to have is a tier one. I2g has already teamed up with an existing  online casino that has a tier one license and has all ready been in the industry for 10 years. That means you can immediately start marketing this form of entertainment.

Caesars palace recently announced that they would be entering the online gaming space. Their stock rose 14.3 % that day, other giants have followed suit.


Here is what i2g gives you that nobody else ever will……PROFITS!

traditional casino companies make comp you an airfare, a room or a buffet but they will not be sharing the profits with you.

I2g on the other hand will.


75% of Worldwide profits from online entertainment and the casino will be shared directly with y0u. 

I2g Casino is currently played in 85 countries.


Rare Opportunity

This is a rare opportunity to get a piece of what all of the big casinos are coming to understand as very profitable. Real Customers, real people, having fun playing on the online gaming site.



Meet The Management Team


 i2g asia

Rick Maike

Involved in network marketing for 25 years and has 2 companies generating millions of dollars in sales worldwide. He wanted to start a company that was easily accessible to a global market,  a virtual company with no borders and the ability to expand globally. A place where he could the extra money in your pockets through the I2g rewards and compensation.



The Name Behind it all


The name of the company is Infinity which means you get paid to infinity. The number 2 stands for 2 teams because you have 2 teams behind you. Global because we are available world wide all of the time. We are seeing amazing results for people on our team in a short period of time. It could not be a more exciting time to get involved.


 i2g orange county


Compensation Plan

Our robust compensation plan offers you 6 ways to get paid.


1. Fast Bonus

its 19.99 to get started and then you can choose packages anywhere from 100 to 5000 to get started. Each one of our packages has unique benefit which we will get into. The first way to get paid is fast start bonus’s, you can make 10% on all packages you sell, no matter what package you sell. Sell by Friday be payed the following Friday


2. Binary Income

binary income or dual team income. Every time you achieve 300 points on your both of your teams you are going to receive pay. This could be anywhere from 30 to 60 dollars depending on which level you purchase in at. If you like to make the max amount of money for doing the same amount of work then the emperor package is the one you should go with. It’s important to understand that if you maximize just this one aspect of your compensation you can make a maximum of 35,000 per week or 1.8 million per year and that’s for all positions


3.Matching Bonus

By helping others in your team become successful you get matching bonus’s. This is a very lucrative way to make money, there is an unlimited amount of money for you to earn with matching bonus’s. These bonus’s flow through 5 levels of your team. You get 20% for 1 star, 15% for 2 star and 10% on all else. This is one of the most significant ways you can make money as it will put money in your account every single week. (*the novice position is not available for matching bonuses)

 i2g los angeles

4. Leadership Bonuses

You have the ability to rank to levels like silver, gold, ruby, emerald and diamond. You will be rewarded with a one time bonus ranging from 10,000 to 500,000. Qualify for these ranks and earn more for based on your teams monthly volume. Volume comes from packages sold and monthly orders. You also receive also 25% of ALL WORLDWIDE BETS and they also qualify as business volume.


For example if the casino achieves 100 million dollar in revenue that would mean that 25 million dollars would come into the group. This will also help you achieve the ranks we just spoke about faster and even closer to those one time bonuses.


5.Leadership Pools

Each rank silver, gold, ruby, emerald, diamond, has its own 5% leadership pool. That’s 5% of the world online profits from customers and distributors all players at the online casino. You can own up to 25% in the leadership pool for each level you rank up you will be added 5% to your complete take from the casino.



6.Emperor Pool

The emperor pool is a special pool for emperors only. The first 500o emperors world wide get grandfathered at all positions. As an emperor you make 50% of the entire casino profits for the life. This is only entitled to the first 5000 emperors who join world wide. You have an opportunity of a lifetime to make money from every single bet that is placed in the casino.



Imagine The possibilities


People nationwide are making more money in a week with I2g than entire years at their old job and it’s just the begining. We are looking for people who are fun and energetic and want change their lives today. Don’t miss out


You Can Bet On It





























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