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Learn About Our Great Ceo Rick Maike

Rick has been involved in the Network Marketing (MLM) Industry for the past 25 years. He has been a successful distributor and has owned two Network Marketing companies that have done over 100 Million each in sales. Building organizations around the world, Rick has spoken and trained in front of hundreds of thousands of people and loves to help people achieve a level of success they never thought possible.

His desire to help people and companies experience success is a major driver in his life. Rick loves consulting with companies on new International markets that they are interested in moving into. (particularly Asia) If I can help companies avoid some of the pitfalls I had and am able to help them save money by doing it right the first time, then I have done a service to the industry, Rick says. Nothing is better than experience and he has a closet full of t-shirts for all of his International experiences.

Rick Maike’s Experience
Infinity 2 Global
April 2013 – Present (9 months) Global
Direct sales company designed to simplify peoples Social Media experience. Internationally we have an incredible online gaming platform that makes the business fun and enjoyable. I2G is the only company of its kind and has zero competition worldwide in the Network Marketing industry.

President, Asia Pacific
bHIP Global
Privately Held; 10,001+ employees; Marketing and Advertising industry
January 2011 – April 2013 (2 years 4 months)
Oversaw the operations within the SE Asia markets. Managed ten offices in nine countries within this region. Having great local and regional managers is the key to success.

Velocity International Marketing
April 2007 – January 2011 (3 years 10 months)
We were able to build a very successful company primarily in Asia and merged it into a top 100 MLM company.

Healing America
May 1997 – October 2010 (13 years 6 months)
We built a company through top grade nutritional information and products. This company was totally domestic in North America and at the time we sold this company, it was the third oldest Binary company in the MLM Industry worldwide. Today this company still exists as part of a large Publicly traded MLM.

Briarwood Farms LTD
January 1989 – April 1994 (5 years 4 months)
Gourmet Food manufacturing company that branched into retail malls. This was a Hickory Farms type concept that allowed us to produce top quality gourmet foods products on the farm and sell wholesale to other stores and run holiday stores under our brand name in malls. Eventually the company exclusively sold our products to a successful MLM company as their sole product provider.


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